Hey there,
welcome to my online
creative world!

Welcome to my online creative world!

This is a place of exploration and inspiration with topics like; traveldesign, 
photography, film and empowerment.

A place for all the creatives who are ambitious and want to feel inspired, for those who just want some tips & tricks or for those who need some motivation to live and tell their own story.

But like I said; it’s a place of exploration. I don’t have all the answers; I’m still trying to figure out how to live my life to the fullest (whatever that means), I’m still learning new things and discover about new passions every day, I experiment with it and make biiiggggg mistakes along the way too. BUT, I can promise you one thing; I’ll be ALWAYS as honest and real as I can be!

That said, I hope that you’ll leave this site with either a newly learned skill, an idea, or a feeling of confidence and encouragement.

Who is
Vera IJzelenberg?

Well, hi! That’s me! I’m a graduated graphic designer who loves to tell stories, often with an underlying social message. I think that there’re always two sides to a story that deserve to be told. Stories that can be told in so many different ways, and I like to explore allllllll those possibilities! Are you with me?

For example; for my graduation project about why Muslimas want to veil themselves, I’ve interviewed many Muslim women about their experiences of wearing a Hijab (headscarf) and to really know how it ‘works’ and feels, I’ve worn a Hijab myself for seven days. To tell this story I logged those interviews and my own experience on video and that resulted in a mini documentary, called: Under the Veil; the different sides of the Hijab.

> Watch the short ‘Under the Veil’ here. And read more about this project on: 3 most asked questions about my ‘Hijab’ project: UNDER THE VEIL

Portrait of Vera IJzelenberg By Milou Kuper
Portrait by Milou Kuper
Filmstill from the short 'Under the Veil'
Filmstill from the short 'Under the Veil'
Women sitting on fench in New Zealand


That said. I’m also very passionate about exploring the world! In fact, I (at the moment of writing) just got back from 3,5 month of traveling through New Zealand, Aruba, Florida and Mexico ! (Yes, I know, it’s kind of weird combination of countries to travel to in just one trip, but I can explain). 

Luckily, to remember all of those amazing experiences, I’m also a very enthusiastic and active picture taker! I loveeeee to photograph beautiful places and capture those special moments of our life! (…and I -secretly- really enjoy sharing those pictures on Instagram).

So, now you know a bit more about me, it’s time that I’ll learn more about you! So let’s connect through any of the social media channels below!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m happy we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead! And don’t forget; Be Creative, Empower, Travel and Tell Stories!

Love, Vera