How to photograph your clothes to sell more on United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe is a very handy online secondhand fashion marketplace to sell your clothes and earn a bit of extra money. However, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to make your clothes stand out.

Use these Tips & Tricks to make good quality and outstanding photos to sell one item after the other.

Be an inspiration for your buyers.

How to photograph your clothes, outfit photos 

The first and easiest trick to make good quality photos of your clothes is to ensure you photograph in daylight, ALWAYS. Daylights ensures that you get a clear picture of the product and the colors come out very well. Aaaand the best thing is, you don’t need to buy expensive lights!


Okay, maybe not everyone would agree with me on this one but go for a nice atmospheric background. Most blogs tell you that you need a white or solid background so your picture looks clean and focused and makes your items pop. 

Even though this trick works pretty well, I would still go for a more inspiring background. Show the buyers in what kind of environment they could wear your clothes.

Is it for the summer, or for a party? Especially in this time with all Instagram influencers who post daily beautiful (street) pictures of their outfits. If you look at their clothes you feel inspired and maybe even want to buy their clothes.

Be an inspiration for your buyers. So, have a look around your room, or maybe even go outside, to spot some perfect backgrounds or attributes to take part in your photo.



This one is a bit the same as tip #2. Like I said, your buyers like to get inspired. What if you can inspire them by posting cool new ideas for outfits!

How would you wear that cool statement shirt or what kind of accessories would you add? Think of adding a bag to the outfit or maybe put on a jacket. Offering styling tips is a great help for many UW-users.

Also, remember that products with 4 photos or more sell twice as fast than products with less than four photos…



Also, this trick is a bit different then what everyone suggests. The blogs will tell you to hang up your clothes on a hanger (with a solid background 😉 ).

In my experience, this doesn’t work at all. The buyers will always ask you for a ‘fitting photo’ (in Dutch; ‘aanfoto‘). To be fair, if you think of how you shop online on websites like NA-KD, Loavies or even H&M, you’re more attracted to pictures where models wear the clothes than the ones where you can only see the items. It just sells better. Take advantage of that.

> I will do another post about how to pose for ‘fitting’ pictures and sell your clothes, later.




When you upload the photo’s to UW you’ll have to crop the photo in square-format. You can still look at the original format by clicking on the photo, but most people don’t use or know that option so make clear which item you want to sell.

Whether it’s the shirt or the skirt, ensure that the item is always in the center of the photo. BUT, do not crop your face! Keeping your face in the picture makes you more trustable and so you will sell more.

Think about it, if you were a scammer, you wouldn’t certainly upload a picture of your face 😉

Well, these were the tips & tricks on how to make good outstanding photos of your clothes to sell more on United Wardrobe. In my next post, I will write about how you can use some UW-hacks to increase your sales.

Please let me know if any of these tips were any help for you! Leave a link to your account, would love to check it out! And don’t forget to check out mine: 👕 veerr.aa

(some of the items are still for sale 😉 )

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