A Day in April | Photo shoot with Yentl Salm

…And there it was; An incredibly sunny Easter weekend in la province Zeeland, the Netherlands! A perfect moment to give my portrait photography skills a boost and asked my beautiful friend Yentl Salm to pose for me! Luckily for me, she also enjoyed this creative day in April! So you can definitely expect more little projects from us!

I know Yentl since we were only 5 years old! We grew up together so closely in a very small village in Zeeland. We played, laughed, and of course, we had our sisterish-fights also.

The funny thing is, there was a big difference in length between us; I was quite tall and Yentl quite small for that age! I didn’t even notice that back then, but now, when I see pictures it’s so funny to see the big difference!

Nevertheless, our friendship still remains and we’re even sisters-in-law now (or at least, someday I hope officially haha)! Since Yentl is the girlfriend of my brother 💕

Can’t get enough of Yentl? 😜Check out her Instagram @yentlsalm annnddd she also sells lovely vintage stuff on her Etsy Shop: Mood for Vintage!

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