Photoshoot with Apollonia Duijster at Rotterdam

Photoshoot at Rotterdam

It’s already a couple of months ago since I took this photo of the beautiful & creative Apollonia Duijster (instagram @whoisappie ). She invited me for a creative day in Rotterdam! At her home we started with a little brainstorm about how we would fill that day: writing down ideas about location (and how to get there by public transport 😉 ), style and ofcourse the outfits!

Her own Youtube Channel

Apollonia has her own youtube channel where she posts videos about self-improvement and self-love. In January, we actually did a ‘collab’ together about Life after Artschool, and how to deal with the famous ‘black hole’ Have you seen it? 

Anyhow, I guess I’ve to be patient to see Apollonia again because she left the Netherlands to live with her grandma in Greece!🇬🇷⁠

Let’s get social!

So, Let me know what you think of the results of the shoot! If you’re interested in a shoot, contact me and let’s get the brainstorm started! I’m also interested in TFP shoots 🙂

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