Recap 2018: Traveling the World, Started a blog and Working as a Graphic Designer!

Never be in stress again
I hardly ever make New Year’s resolutions, but last year there was one thing that I really needed to change. One thing that had a huge impact on the value of my life in a very negative way. This year I tried to ban this out of my life and I think I did a pretty good job! 😉
My last years’ resolution was that I’ll never ever be in stress again! And although it wasn’t always possible to avoid the stress, I learned to recognize the signs and take a break before I over-work myself again.
Let’s have a look at the highlights of this year!
New Zealand's landscape
New Zealand’s landscape
Highlight #1: Voyage around the world
Let’s start off with the amazing trip around the world I made early this year. It sounds so cliche but it was really a dream come true for me! I always wanted to travel the world. Together with friends or all by myself, it didn’t really matter, I just wanted to make some new adventures and the time was now!
Since my little brother and I were little we’d always fantasized about going to New Zealand together with my mother. We had hardly seen pictures of the country itself, but because of all the stories we had heard, we decided it was worth it.
Also, not many people know that New Zealand is named after the part of the Netherlands; Zeeland (translated as “sealand”), where I grew up. So, when the time was right, and that happend to be in April this year, my mother, my brother and me traveled to the other side of the world!
We started our road trip in Christchurch with our a-bit-too-big-Campervan through the Souther Island and ended up in Auckland, Norther Island!
My little brother and my mother in our a-bit-too-big- campervan
My little brother and my mother in our a-bit-too-big- campervan
After New Zealand, I traveled to Aruba where I’d meet my boyfriend and friends for a beautiful wedding on a boat floating around the Caribbean Sea! After a week full of happy island vibes, my boyfriend and I traveled to Florida, to have a first time experience in the United States of America! And it was amazing!
Every day we were even more amazed about how service-friendly the people are and how ‘big’ America really is. In a brief, every day was full of surprises for us (more on that later)!
House in Florida Keys
House in Florida Keys
And if that wasn’t enough. After traveling in Florida with my boyfriend, unfortunately he had to go home and I continued traveling by myself in Mexico!
Here are two blogs I wrote about Mexico during my trip:
blond girl waving the Mexican flag at the big square in Mexico City during the elections!
Me waving the Mexican flag at the big square in Mexico City during the elections!
Highlight #2: Moved in with my boyfriend
After spreading my wings for 3,5 months on the other side of the world I finally settled down (for now) and moved in with my boyfriend. Which was a bigggg step for me, but I can honestly say that it’s worth it!
Highlight #3: Started my blog & Youtube channel
While looking for a job, I was trying to figure out how to showcase my talents in the best possible way. I already had a graphic design portfolio but there’re more things I’m interested in that weren’t included in the portfolio. For example my interests for writing, selling, and social media.
I figured writing on my website about my interests could work and I started with blogging. It got me motivated to continue exploring and creating new things and I even started my own Youtube Channel. (Which you can read about in my blog: 3 Things I’ve Learned in My First Months as a “Youtuber”!)
shootday for milk copenhagen breda
Thumbnail from one of my first vlogs
Highlight #4: Found a job
And that brings me to a other highlight of 2018. This year I found a ‘real’ job as a graphic designer at Cotton Ball Lights B.V. Yes I write ‘real’ because it’s finally a job I actually enjoy AND has something to do with what I’ve studied for!
It gives me structure to my life and a nice foundation to not worry about money (less stress) and a change to explore my talents as well as inside the office as outside the office!
Highlight #5: Made proces as a freelancer
Last but not least. Official registered my work as a freelance graphic designer at the KvK Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce). Already did some design jobs but it was time to make it legal on paper! So if you know someone who needs a new design, a video or a special moment photographed, it would be so lovely if you hook me up! 😊 Check out Graphic Mountain for more.
So yeah, unlike last year, I can say now, that 2018 was an incredible year with a lot of new adventures and so much less stress, and I’ll continue explore and creating new amazing things! Are you with me?
With all that said, I can only say; 👇
Recap 2018: Traveling the World, Settling down with my Boyfriend and Working as a Graphic Designer!
Design by Vera IJzelenberg

Hope you enjoyed reading this! I certainly enjoyed writing it! What are your resolutions for 2019?

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