Shoot Date with Milou Kuper of

Shoot date with Milou Kuper 📷

I had a shoot date with the lovely creative Milou Kuper of ! We met a couple of months ago for the first time via Social Media, since then we met a couple of times to work together and create new content.

Portrait of Milou Kuper at Cafe DaSilva with a depth of field.
About Milou Kuper of

Milou is a young talented Student-Entrepreneur (Like she calls herself) who loves Typography, Photography, and chocolate😉. Back then, we met to make some stock-photos for her website and social media.⁠

Practicing some photography stuff

Now, we had both some photography stuff we wanted to practice. Milou helped me with creating a bigger depth of field in a photo (see the result above). And Milou wanted to practice giving directions during portrait photography.⁠

Double photography illusion

Not sure if you’ll notice, but if you look closely to the right photo above; you can see 2 different perspectives. On is the staircase going up, like how it is in real life. The other one is; if you look right above Milou’s head, it looks like the staircase is going down to a basement or something. Do you see it? So funny because it wasn’t my intention at all but if you see it, you can never unseen it 😉

Portrait Milou Kuper at Cafe Da Silva, Den Bosch
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Let’s get social!

So, Let me know what you think of the results of the shoot! If you’re interested in a shoot, contact me and let’s get the brainstorm started! I’m also interested in TFP shoots 🙂

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