Beauty and the brains | Shoot with Bunga (@bunganoz)

Beauty and the brains 

This week I’ve met with the talented Bunga! She’s not only a beautiful model but she’s also a second year law student. A real beauty and the brains, so to speak. We met up at the train station of Breda and started shooting on the roof of the parking garage.

Easy to shoot with Bunga

It was so easy to shoot with Bunga. She is really comfortable with posing in front of the camera, it all looks so natural! Which made it really easy for me to take aesthetical pictures of her with an arty/fashion vibe.


Creative Bunga

Also, Bunga loves to be creative herself! Often she goes shooting with her friends, going to beautiful locations to shoot and take really cool pictures of each other! aaaaand I was also impressed by a series of book covers she creates for stories and books from people she met on the internet. She showed me over 50 different designs!

You should definitly check this lovely young woman out on instagram: @bunganoz

I’m very happy with the results and it was also very nice working with Bunga. So, I guess there will be new collaborations in the future! Stay Tuned!
Let’s get social!

So, Let me know what you think of the results of the shoot! If you’re interested in a shoot, contact me and let’s get the brainstorm started! I’m also interested in TFP shoots 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Beauty and the brains | Shoot with Bunga (@bunganoz)”

  1. I absolutely loved the shoot! I couldn’t have these great shots without you. Especially the moments of random bursts of creativity (posing in an elevator and climbing on orange weels) I enjoyed a lot.

    Really glad to have met you 🙂


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