Shoot with Cotton Ball Lights at Irene of @NoordenZoet

Cotton ball lights string shoot at @noordenzoet interior

For a while now, I’m working as a Graphic Designer for the lovely company Cotton Ball Lights The Original (CBL). Aaand since last December, I’m also working as a Photographer for this company.

This spring we introduced a couple of new color combinations for the cotton ball lights strings and, of course, they also needed to be photographed in inspiring interiors! Luckily, our social media manager Iris, has a lot of contact with many owners of beautiful interiors, including Irene from the Instagram account @Noordenzoet!

For Cotton Ball Lights she wrote a nice blog about the shoot, and I could also share it here! So, enjoy the read! 😀  (you can read the original blog in Dutch here)

Introducing: Irene, on Instagram as @Noordenzoet, is a mother, interior stylist, stylist by Zalando, blogger and gives cool interior workshops.


A while ago, Cotton ball lights posted a call on Instagram, asking about a lovely interior to photograph their products in. I’ve been a fan of Cotton ball lights for some time now, hanging multiple string lights in my house, and didn’t hesitate for a moment to respond. And after a week I heard that they indeed came here to photograph.

How great is that! Tuesday, March 3 was the day. The house was completely neat and tidy hahaha. Photographer Vera and owner Luc came in pairs with a large box full of string lights and book lamps.


One by one she took the garlands out of the box in all kinds of color variations. I love color and immediately saw some very nice variations in our house. Also the book lamp. I had never actually seen this in real life but immediately liked it. This lamp can be charged and taken anywhere and provides a beautiful light. Even for a summer evening outside on the table, it makes for fun.


Then Vera and Luc went through the house to see where the garlands can hang and where the book lamps can be and what the best place is to make a beautiful composition for the photo. Really nice to see how others look at my interior again. This way you also gain inspiration and ideas yourself. Certain color combinations really came into their own.


My daughter saw the light string with dark blue cotton balls and she said; “Mom, dark blue is also beautiful instead of green”. She has a green wall in her room… so maybe… dark blue?

After a while all photos were ready and Luc and Vera drove back to Breda. I sat down on the sofa and enjoyed this pleasant day.

Thank you for this special experience! And hopefully see you soon!

Love, Irene


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