Shoot with DJ Jasper Dee at Doel, Belgium

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All about social media!

Excited to share this project with you! In August I had a shoot with DJ Jasper Dee for his Social Media. Yeah, it’s all about social media these days!

As you might know; your success is no longer solely dependent on your skills. Of course you have to be good and make expectations true, but it’s all about your online presence! Apparently also with the DJ life.

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Look and feel of the photoshoot

Jasper invited me to his place to talk about his ideas for the shoot. We brainstormed about the shoot, locations, outfits, and the look and feel of the photo’s; do you want spontaneous photos or staged, or maybe a mix of both?

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Perfect shoot location

After the meeting, I made a brief summary of the meeting and created a mood board with all our ideas. We wanted an industrial and raw environment to shoot in and we came up with the perfect location for it: Doel, Belgium.

For the ones who don’t know Doel. It’s a small abandoned place in the port of Antwerp. There are probably only three people still living there. The rest of the houses are all empty and boarded up by the municipality. Graffiti artists go wild and make the most beautiful and weird drawings on the walls of the abandoned houses. Striking as it is, the inhabited houses and the church are not sprayed with graffiti.

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Shooting day!

The day of the shoot we’re very lucky because it had rained all week but now the sun was shining! So we started early in the morning to have that nice soft light of the sun. And also to have the abandoned place all by our selves! Believe it or not, Doel is a highly popular place for photographers to shoot! We started with an empty parking area and when we left, it was full!

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Lifestyle Shoot, Doel, Belgium
Let’s get social!

So, Let me know what you think of the results of the shoot with DJ Jasper Dee! If you’re interested in a shoot, contact me and let’s get the brainstorm started! I’m also interested in TFP shoots 🙂

Ps: Don’t forget to check out DJ Jasper Dee on Instagram and give him a follow or a like!

See you soon,

X Vera

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