Started the #MuseumChallenge | Stedelijk Museum Breda (January)

Hey dear friends! I’m always so happy when I go to a museum! I feel so inspired and get new energy to make beautiful new things! Yet I never really go…?! Why? No idea…

That is why I started with the #MuseumChallenge! In the video, I’ll explain what it means, and I ‘vlogged’ the first Museum of this year; Stedelijk Museum Breda! Are you in for this challenge?!

Oh yeah! I also tried to speak English😬, so please don’t be too hard on me 😀

Stedelijk Museum Breda…

Featured work:
Antony Cairns (UK) – IBM CTY
Kenta Cobayashi (JP) – Everything_1
Maija Tammi (FI) – Milky Way
Joris Verleg (NL) – Golden Google Gate
Robin Uleman (NL) – Quarantaine

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