#MuseumChallenge 2019


Hey dear friends! I’m always so happy when I go to a museum! I feel so inspired and get new energy to make beautiful new things! Yet I never really go…?! Why? No idea…

That is why I started with the #MuseumChallenge! In the video, I’ll explain what it means, and I ‘vlogged’ the first Museum of this year; Stedelijk Museum Breda! Are you in for this challenge?!

Oh yeah! I also tried to speak English😬, so please don’t be too hard on me 😀

Stedelijk Museum Breda https://www.stedelijkmuseumbreda.nl/t…

Featured work:
Antony Cairns (UK) – IBM CTY
Kenta Cobayashi (JP) – Everything_1
Maija Tammi (FI) – Milky Way
Joris Verleg (NL) – Golden Google Gate
Robin Uleman (NL) – Quarantaine


Soooo…This year, I started the #MuseumChallenge full potentially! Annnd… it ended in February 😀 (will tell in the video why) But nevertheless I went to 2 museums in March and one of them was ‘De Pont’ at Tilburg!

Yes I know it’s already May at the time of uploading whaha! So sorry, I’m trying really hard to keep up with an upload schedule, but it’s not my strongest point ghehe! But someday I will get there!

Museum De Pont, Tilburg

Featured work:
Sigrid Calon
Richard Long
Anish Kapoor
Ann Veronica Janssens


WARNING! The following content may be disturbing for some audience. Viewer discretion is advised.

In March I went to BODY WORLDS at Amsterdam. It’s a museum about the human body with real plastinated bodies on display! You can literally see everything! Sometimes even more than you would have wanted haha

Body Worlds, Amsterdam https://www.bodyworlds.nl




April – Kunsthal, Rotterdam
May – Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
June – Design Museum, Den Bosch
July – Graduation Show AKV St Joost, Breda
August – Rondleiding voor nieuwe studenten Culturele instellingen, Breda
September – Empty meet, Foam, Amsterdam
October – GRAPHIC MATTERS, Breda
November – Voorlinde, Den Haag
December – Louvre, Parijs

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