The Future is Female AND Male!

To all the people who…

This blog is dedicated to all the people who are sick of the word ‘feminist’. Well… what can I say? I totally agree with you. Sometimes, I even catch myself trying to avoid the ‘F word’ in every possible way. It’s like ‘Feminist’ lost it’s meaning and is now a filthy word that scares people away.

Okay okay… I have to confess… personally, I’m not sick of the word ‘feminist’ itself, BUT I get why people would, and why it scares people away. So, sometimes I decide not to use it so I don’t lose the attention of the person I’m talking to. Sounds bad right?!
“Feminism IS all about equal rights! Or is it?”
Equal rights
The stigma and criticism of today’s culture surrounding feminism have gotten in the way of its beauty. When I say to someone that I’m a feminist, they make a mad face and say: ‘I’m not a feminist. I am for equal rights’. Well… Feminism IS all about equal rights! Or is it?
When you google feminism you get button and t-shirts quotes like ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ or ‘The Future is Female’.
No wonder why people nowadays think feminists hate all men and want to transcend them. Of course, feminism isn’t the same for everyone and looks different for each individual, but let’s not forget that when we say things like ‘the future is female’ we create the suggestion that the other gender doesn’t matter anymore in the future.
And isn’t that exactly why feminism was created in the first place? I found a quote that really explains what I think being a feminist means:

“We don’t want men to lower themselves, we just want them to make room for us”


The point of the word feminist, and the feminist movement, has never been to say that women are better than men. The point is that women and things associated with women have been given a lesser place in society and we want to bring those things up to a place of equality.

The focus is on the feminine because that’s what’s being pushed down. However, focusing on the feminine does not mean we’re focussing only women. Men are belittled and called ‘less of a man’ anytime they portray a trait that is associated with femininity.

If women and the feminine were equal to men and masculinity then that wouldn’t happen. Feminism is about raising up things associated with females to have an equal place in society as the things associated with males.

It’s called feminism, not ‘equalism’, because the focus is on raising up not tearing down. Equalism would suggest that male things need to come down to a lower level so that female things can meet it in the middle. That’s not the point.

The point is to raise up the feminine so that it’s on the same playing field that the masculine is already on. We don’t want men to lower themselves, we just want them to make room for us.

Castiel Knight of Hell. Tumblr, “The point of the word feminist…” Year Unknown. (Since I could not find the original post, I’ve used the link of the website I found this text on)


“I don’t want a world dominated by men only, but I also don’t want a world dominated by women only”
What I like about this quote is that it exactly explains where feminism comes from and, most importantly, that it’s not about rising above men but all for equality!
I don’t want a world dominated by men only, but I also don’t want a world dominated by women only. And luckily we don’t have to! I believe we can create a world where we can live and work perfectly together in an equal way!
Of course, some cultures and societies have to work harder to get there then the other… but I believe it’s possible!
So remember;
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