Things I’ve Learned in My First Months as a “Youtuber”!

first month as a youtuber - Vera Yve

“Nobody knows —till now— this vid was recorded in our bedroom and I was sitting on the bed”

Hello dear friends! It has been an interesting couple of months since I got back from my world-trip. Started with a new job as a graphic designer at Cotton Ball Lights B.V. (more on that later), renewed my website, started a blog, did some freelance jobs and —in case you haven’t noticed yet— started with producing and uploading content on Youtube! Although I don’t want to call myself a Youtuber yet, I can relate to the description written below 😉
Youtuber noun
A person who uploads, produces, or appears frequently in videos on the video-sharing website YouTube.
Anyhow, the weeks flew by since I uploaded my very first Youtube video and because it’s almost the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to look back and write down what I’ve learned (or which new terms I’ve learned, bc that’s a LOT) in my first months as a “youtuber”.

“After filming, editing and uploading your video, you’re not done yet!”

1. You need a Channel Trailer
Let’s start this list off with looking back on my first video. If you start a Youtube Channel there’re several things that you have to take into account. First of all you need a Channel Trailer. A Channel Trailer is the first video a new viewer sees when she/he has a look on your channel. It’s literally a trailer, a teaser, a hook, for your channel. That makes sense, right? You want your viewers to get to know you and your content in a couple of minutes so they know what to expect from you.
I did this by making an introduction video about myself, my work and what I wanted to create (what people can expect from me). I wrote a script with a real strategy for this video because I wanted my first video to be good with a clear message that made sense. I also set up a small ‘studio’ setting with (!) a plant in the background (nobody knows —till now— this vid was recorded in our bedroom and I was sitting on the bed) and made sure there was enough daylight to record the video for a fresh clean look.
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2. Setting up the rest
The second thing I’ve learned in my first months of Youtube is that after filming, editing and uploading your video, you’re not done yet! You need a clickable title and a likeable thumbnail, you need a description that is almost as long as a blog posts, with a lot of popular keywords in it, you need a profile picture that match your other social media channels and don’t forget to make your Channel Art (the banner) stand out! I tried my best to match all these requirements but I’m pretty sure there’re still things I can improve along the way.
3. Plan ahead because consistency is key
I guess, this one is the most difficult one and I’ve learned the hard way. Sometimes I can be a little too impulsive and enthusiastic. When I finished editing my first video I was over-excited and wanted to share my video with the world right away! So I did. But I just did not think about that from that moment on, I really had to keep a consistent upload schedule in order to grow my audience! Because, if you didn’t knew it already; consistency is key, babe!
So, after uploading my first video I came up with some future video ideas and made a uploading schedule. I wanted to upload a new video every single week. Started in October and didn’t mis a single deadline since! Okay okay, maybe one little small deadline? :O (I’m not proud) And the worst thing was, that nobody noticed it except for one. How sad… guess that’s the downside of just starting. You have to work hard to grow your audience and even harder to have them really engage with your content!
What’s up for 2019?
So, I guess I’ve learned a lot these last couple months and really want to continue the work because I really really enjoy making videos! But I also want to take a step back from the broad range of topics I’m currently in (now I come up with a slightly random idea and just film/upload it). In 2019 I want to niche down a lot and make videos that make more sense within a certain niche. Which niche that is? That you’ll see next year! 😉
Hope you enjoyed reading this! I certainly enjoyed writing it! What are your goals for 2019?
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